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Working from home is one of the most common income-generating activities almost anyone can do these days. For mothers, the list of benefits can go on. Especially for full time mothers, the chance to perform her daily home routines while still having the opportunity to earn an income for the family can be challenging, yes, but definitely rewarding at the same time.

The mother’s presence at home is very crucial in a child’s development. Numerous studies have shown that a child’s formative years also depend on the environment where the child is constantly exposed to. A mother’s presence at home helps in fostering this environment. Mothers, too, feel happier when they’re with their kids. They feel more assured that the kids are all right. So for a stay-at- home mom who wants to do some work that affords a good pay, anything is possible from the comforts of home.

Education is one of the most popular work-from-home jobs in the world, and one great opportunity that stands out is teaching from home. There’s much to be said about teaching from home, which can prove to be beneficial for the mothers who plan to venture into this type of job. Here I list down three of the great possibilities that mothers can enjoy from teaching at home.

1. It pays.

All right. That’s probably too simplified, but it’s a good start. Depending on which company you plan to work for, there is definitely a reasonable pay waiting for you out there. It even works well with moms who are passionate about teaching; much more so if your qualifications match the job offer.

While it’s true in most cases that work at home jobs sometimes don’t pay as much as those on the outside, the amount of money you can save from staying at home can outweigh what you might be possibly earning on the outside.

2. It’s good teaching practice for your own kids.

Not only does teaching other kids help foster your awareness of teaching practices, it also prepares you for when it’s time you teach your own kids! There are so many life-learning lessons to be had in teaching from home that you can apply to your kids. Think of it as a prep-course. Who knows, you may not have to hire a personal tutor for your kids in the future, right?

3. It adds variety to your daily routine.

With the right perspective, teaching can also be a form of socialization. Being cooped up at home can be monotonous and dull, so teaching is a good way to spice things up at home. It also adds to your conversation topics when you and your mom friends meet up somewhere.You can have other things to talk about. Not just about your kids or your daily mom routines.

So if you think this is the kind of opportunity that suits you well, you can start by checking acadsoc.ph.  Teaching English is a very common job offer that’s up for grabs. Start with that. Then it’s much easier to check on the baby, stir the stew, and teach online! All at the same place — your home.

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  1. Online teaching is one of the homebased jobs that full-time moms can do. I was thinking about this before but I realized na baka hindi ko kayanin. Nastress na nga ko minsan sa pagtutor sa anak ko. 🙂

  2. Teaching is a devotion, be it traditional or online. I am not so sure I have what is takes ?. This is a good alternative earning for stay at home moms. I sure many will find it helpful.

  3. I wish I had the patience to teach. I think it really requires a great amount of time and patience. I wantes to become a preschool teacher before but now I realized it wasn’t as easy as it seems.For now I think I’ll focus on teaching my own kids. But I really admire all teachers – traditional or work from home online teachers!

  4. I’ll be checking on that for sure. I agree that a mother’s presence is crucial to a child’s development. I used to give tutorial lessons but stopped when I had kids and because I did not have someone to take care of them when I was teaching. I thought of online teachibg, but the timings are my times of rest and I chose rest that time with babies and toddlers needing more time. Now, they are bigger. I think I’ll give this one a try. 🙂

  5. Plus it develops the parents’ patience. The parents too get ti refresh and learn in the process. Would really love to consider this option for my rwo small boys.

  6. I am still contemplating whether I should try homeschooling Nate next year or enroll him na. I just don’t know if I can make it, especially that I work full-time. I’ll see. Coz my husband is into enrolling him sa school naman.

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