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Are you a protective mom? I am because I want to prevent anything that may cause harm to my kids or put them at risk.  With that said, there are three things that I never scrimp on when it comes to my kids.


I really believe that good education is one of the best things that parents can give their kids. They need to learn values as well as practical lessons that they can use to become happy, functional, and successful adults who contribute positively to society.

I am presently homeschooling my seven-year-old, Ziggy. We’re entering our third year of homeschooling and so far, he’s really doing great. Hubby and I decided to homeschool him because we truly believe that it is the best way that we can impart not just academics but most importantly, practical life lessons.

Not that we’re against regular schooling though. In fact, our two older girls are enrolled in one of the best private schools in Manila. We couldn’t homeschool them, so we just made sure that they go to a school that is known for giving great quality education.


As a blended family, time together as a complete family of 6 is hard to come by. Our girls only get to come to us every other weekend, during vacations and special occasions. That is why whenever they are with us, time spent as a family is a must.

Family time is also one of the main reasons why I never went back to working full time out of the house. When I was working full time, the only real quality time I got to spend with my kids were during weekends. I decided to change that by working from home instead so that I can be super hands on in raising our kids, especially our two young boys, who are still dependent on me.


Health is wealth, especially these days when a doctor’s check-up will already cost you around Php 600. What more for the medicines and tests that your kids will need if they get sick, right?

That is why I make sure that I prepare healthy balanced meals for our family. Active kids need to take in important vitamins and minerals daily for their brain and body to function well. Plus, being healthy keeps them from getting sick. Sick kids miss out on so much. As a mom, of course I don’t want that.

But I also know that no matter how much planning I do and no matter how prepared I may be, I can’t be there for my kids 24/7. It’s impossible for me to see everything.

That is why I now give my kids FERN-C kidz. FERN-C kidz is a Sodium Ascorbate syrup for kids with the same vitamin C used in FERN-C, the #1 Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C.

Not all vitamin C supplements are the same though. So, we moms should be vigilant in choosing the best one. Silipin ang C, mommies! Moms should always check on the quality of vitamin C they give to their kids.

Well, you’d be happy to know that FERN-C kidz has a Quali-C seal that ensures quality. So, you know you’re giving your kids safe and effective vitamin C. Plus, it has zinc and is non-acidic too! Since kids do a lot of physical activities, it’s important to keep their bones healthy. They need Vitamin C and zinc because it promotes the formation of collagen which helps keep their bones strong. So, giving them FERN-C kidz can help them enjoy their childhood even more.


With FERN-C kidz I know that I can make sure my kids won’t miss out on anything, with either family time or school, because they’ll be healthy.

Know more about how FERN-C kidz can help you protect your kids by visiting their Facebook page now.

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  1. My sister used to work for Fern-C, she gets employee discounts and would buy for everyone in our family. They are quite innovative in their products. Sayang nga umalis na siya dun.
    But I still buy they vitamin c enriched coffee.

  2. Fern-C Sounds so amazing! I haven’t looked much into it, but I will definitely check it out!

  3. In Canada, parents want their children to have a good education too. However, we seldom send our kids off to school during the week. We prefer to them attend local schools, so they can be home with the family in the evening. Different cultures, different customs.

  4. I totally agree with your three investments. I need to try that supplement for my kids.

  5. We’ve tried FernC Kidz before and Nate loves it. Currently, though, we’re using a different brand that he’s more comfortable taking. And I agree with your list! For someone like us who are college undergrads, we don’t want Nate to experience the same.

  6. Like you, I also value these things. I only have one child so I make sure he goes to good school kahit masakit sa bulsa. hehehe! I’m grateful that I’m a full-time mom so I have more time with my son. Yes, health is very important and we also take Vitamin C.

  7. I agree with all. Health, is most important and we as moms need to keep our children healthy.

  8. I remember dreading taking supplements and syrups as a kid. This one doesn’t sound all too bad!

  9. I would say you aer doing it right then. Kids deserve all the time for health and education.

  10. I agree with all. Inspiring information. It’s a helpful content for moms.

  11. Their health is definitely not something to take lightly. This looks like some great stuff!

  12. Spot on Janice! We should never scrimp on those necessities especially for our family. I don’t believe in investing in so much material stuff but the ones that are intangible are never given serious preference.

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