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I meant to film a homeschool planner end of year flip through video at the end of the school year last March. However, I was only able to do so today.

I wanted to share how I used my DIY planner using my travelers notebook, a pocket size Foxy Fix Wanderlust in Licorice. I had filmed a flip through video on it during the beginning of the school year and promised I would film another one at the end of the year as sort of a recap on how I used it and whether it worked for me or not.

I’m finally able to share it with you guys today, which is about time because a new school year is about to start in a couple of weeks.

Here’s the video!

I hope you guys enjoy watching the video. My hope is that it will help other homeschooling moms be more organized and productive in their homeschooling. I, for one, can’t live without a homeschool planner because there’s just a lot to keep track of.

Please let me know if you guys have any questions. I would also appreciate it if you can share with me your own homeschool planner set up. I’m sure I’d learn something valuable from it too.

Stay tuned for my next video wherein I will show you my updated homeschool planner set up for the upcoming school year.

Happy planning!

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  1. Nice homeschool planner. My son goes to regular school but I also have my own notebook. I have my own notes of their school lessons and topic outline so at the end of the school year, I don’t keep his notebooks na, less kalat sa bahay. I just reuse the unused pages of his notebooks.

  2. This looks like a great planner! I have been going back and forth about deciding to homeschool, I would love to but I’m nervous I don’t have the patience it takes.

  3. You are so organized! Ang galing… I love planning too, but ofter end up not following schedule (lol)… We keep a family table planner just to keep or schedule organized. I assigned different color pens per family member so we know whose schedule is written on the calendar. Works well us.

  4. I have so much respect for those that homeschool! It must be so difficult to juggle it all.

  5. This is such a great look inside of your planner. I have always given props to those that homeschool because I don’t think I could!

  6. Kahit hindi ako mahilig sa planner but there are times na kaylangan talaga sya, I have three 3 small planners right now. 1. for my personal, 2. Church 3. others. At malaking tulong talaga sya specially sa mga schedules.

  7. This is helpful. We’re not homeschooling yet but I always make a schedule or a plan for the other activities that can be done in the house. The key is consistency and discipline on my part. Haha after a while I tend to forget about it already. ? I love planning, but I feel it would take too much time from me knowing how creative I am when it comes to scribbling notes. Hahaha I’d end up hours doing it.

  8. Ugh! I agree with Gillian on consistency and I still don’t have that even up to now. Sigh! So, I’m still settling for the calendar I mounted on the wall near my work table for my schedule. I’ve not enrolled Nate this year, sis, so every day, we have a short learning activity – mostly writing, just to help him jumpstart for schooling next year.

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