How You Can Join Herbalife and Other Role Models in the Sports World Towards a More Healthy World

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An international premier health company, Herbalife Nutrition, published news about signing Mexican National Team member and LA Galaxy midfielder, Jonathan dos Santos, to an exclusive sponsorship arrangement as his approved sports performance nutritionist during the upcoming 2021 MLS term.

Rich Goudis, CEO of Herbalife, mentioned how thrilled they are to be Jonathan’s exclusive nutrition associate. The level of commitment he brings to fitness, nutrition and the community is the epitome of their purpose of making the world a healthier place.

As his endorsed sports performance and nutrition partner, Santos will be able to access the Herbalife24® series of sports performance products, an NSF Certified for Sport® line, helping to fuel athletes in their efforts to optimize performance on and off the field.

Jonathan dos Santos mentioned that as an athlete, he understands the value of a balanced diet, and he’s excited to work hand in hand with the company and its sports and nutrition professionals to create a personalized program to ensure he achieves proper nutrition and hydration demands to be at the top of his game.

Santos found out about the products at the LA Galaxy players’ lounge. Soon after, he tried Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength before morning sessions and post-practice. He’s been working recently with the nutrition group to produce a video about preparing his favorite shake recipe he nicknames “Banana Sunrise.” The sponsorship additionally entails promoting joint community partnership enterprises, sports nutrition guidance and the company’s marketing drives.

As a native of Mexico City, Santos entered FC Barcelona’s famous academy at a young age with his sibling, Giovani, where they earned their way into Barcelona’s top ranks. He accompanied his brother by joining Villarreal CF. There he established a name for himself as a reliable Spanish league midfielder in 2014. Later, he reunited with his brother again, but this time as a Designated Player of the LA Galaxy in 2017.

They have the purpose of making the world more healthy and happy. They sponsor more than 190 sports athletes, teams and events across the globe. To learn more about nutrition check out Herbalife.com.

The global nutrition organization ultimately wants to make the world more bright by educating people about nutrition and providing the best products. They have been on this mission for nutrition – transforming people’s lives with excellent programs and products ever since 1980.

Together with their independent distributors, they are devoted to offering solutions to the global concerns of obesity, inadequate nutrition, aging populations, and skyrocketing public healthcare prices.

They provide evidence-based high-quality products, of which most are made in company-owned plants, as well as one-on-one coaching with Nutrition independent distributors, and a community focused approach which inspires consumers to welcome a healthier, more engaged lifestyle. Their targeted weight-management, nutrition and personal care products are accessible exclusively with its independent distributors in over 90 regions.

Through its organizational social accountability efforts, they have supported various programs to work towards bringing better nutrition to those in need. They also proudly sponsor more than 190 world-class events, athletes and teams around the world such as the LA Galaxy, Cristiano Ronaldo and other international teams.

They employ over 8,000 people across the globe, with total sales of nearly $4.4 billion in 2017, its stocks are exchanged on the New York Stock Exchange. They also urge investors to contact them on their investor relations site at ir.herbalife.com as economic and other news is updated with newly posted information.


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